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April 2, 1916 Sunday


Revielle as usual.

Nothing doing today, cleaned camp & had rest of the day to ourselves, an aeroplane came down to us today & when she alighted at the aerodrome every nigger for miles went down causing a bit of a disturbance with their eagerness to see more of it, so they had to be drive away.

Chas Cox & myself went for our usual bus ride (Sunday) & went out towards Girga at a 30 ml lat, beautiful riding & a glorious evening.

Onions are being gathered, this years crops are enormous, they grow them in amongst their cotton & thus secure a double crop.

Wrote letters home, Nell, Dunc & then played cards.

Intend making trip to Makum tomorrow if possible.

Bed 9.30.

April 3, 1916 Monday

77 wks from home.

Revielle as usual.

Horses & men went out as usual. I went out at lunch time.

Sgt Weir died this morning & is to be buried at the monastery this afternoon at 3, he died with enteric & double pneumonia, they intend holding an auction sale of his effects shortly.

Bobby left us tonight for Seraphim so now we can expect Smith down any day. I put in my application in Bde H Q's to join School of Inst at Zietim but think I will have to wait till the next & vacancies are filled.

Perritt gave a great demonstration of his powers as an officers standing a warship was going down the canal & his men were at attention he still left them there & a staff Sergt pointed it out to him: Oh wait till I ask my uncle whether I can dismiss them or not.

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