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7 June, 1916, Wednesday

News of Kitcheners death

96 wks of soldiering

More rumors are to hand re the naval flight & [indecipherable] informed us that the news of them getting on to their mine fields is confirmed but it seems too good to be true. Word came through early this morning that Kitchener & all his staff had been drowned on the Hampshire whilst proceeding to Russia, it seems she either struck a mine which had been cast off during the last naval engagement or was torpedoed off the Orkney Islands, a heavy sea was running at the time & little hope is held out for his life, the Hampshire is a cruiser of the Town class & was one of our escort from Australia. Aeroplane reconnaissance today all clear as far as Bir-el-Abd where there are about 1000 of the enemy. Bed midnight.

8 June, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5

Got up to find we had to report at the Squadron before proceeding to Ismailia so decided to catch the mid-day train from Romani, left camp punctually & rode the old gee over it is looking splendid & I wont be sorry if Charlie doesn't take it, got off at Hill 40 & saw some of the boys & got our instructions from Johnson then finally got to Kantara & had to wait for a train until 7.30, filling in the time having a look at the Canal & its environs, caught the train & arrived here at 8.37 to find a large car waiting for us so sped up to G.H.Q a distance of about 2½ to 3 miles & found we are attached to R.Es for our 10 days, had a bit of tea & then turned our thoughts to bed at 8.30.

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