Item 02: Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916 - Page 112

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6 August, 1916 Sunday

The 3rd Bde along with a mtd Bde carried out operations against Jacko at Katia this morning with every success, our captives now are 3050 prisoners, 4 guns, 8 m guns, 800000 rds small arm ammunition & tons of equipment we got all the signalling gear & its fine being made out of aluminium & is extremely portable the holding capacity is about the same, our planes have kept them on the move & very few Taubes are to be seen anywhere. Hal has been recommended for promotion as Sig Officer to 4 Regt & is to proceed to France for duty, none of the other Bdes have officers to spare so he should get it.

Bed early – no mail.

7 August, 1916 Monday

95 wks from home

Expected to be on the move any minute today but no such luck the 3rd Bde & NZ's are pushing them back gradually & should be into Oghratina tomorrow with half an ounce of luck, my loot is still increasing & is getting quite a problem now mail is arriving spasmodically the railway is used for munitions only now, troops are everywhere & if they had been here during the attack out horsemen could have rounded up the lot & put up even a better performance than we have prisoners now number 3300, 4 guns & many machine guns with complete German [indecipherable] so the boys did splendidly.

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