I feel a strong ??? of mind and ?? that his visit to Balavia was to answer some important and with ?? to himself at least.  In his last letter to me from the colony he informed me that he was at the earnest recommendation of ?? joining?? to England to spend a few years at college, but did not say at what college.  I sincerely wish he may go to Homeston??? in Hoxton.  I have heard that it is designed??? he should go to one of the universities ?? his?? in this is not the case as he will be ?? ?? to very many ?? and temptations than should he go to either of the English ?? cities.  I hope it will be to Carring????  and/one??? that he will be placed under the ?? ?? of Kings College.  When you next write to him please do remember me most affectionately to him,  and?? tell?? him that I intend g?? ??ing to let ?? ?? from me the most opportunity that ?? write to him now, but that I soon miss ??

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