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churches.  We often find it a delightful repast, to sit down at the Lord's table with persons of different colours and languages.  We have this service in English and Bengalee, all the communicants understand one of these two languages. - Ere long Dear Brother, we shall all sit down together around our Father's board above, and praise this God of all good in more exalted strains.
          Our bretheren, at their different stations meet with much encouragement.  The [indecipherable] then at Rangoon in the Burman empire. speak of the natives of that country as being very inquisitive.  They have begun to preach to them in the Burman language.  They say many of the natives are desirous of learning the scriptures; and we hope our brethren will soon we able to put some of that precious book into their hands. - We have just finished the [indecipherable] of [indecipherable] typed for this purpose.  Bro: Mason has lately baptised two or three persons.  There are two or three persons at Singapore of whom Bro: Fernandez has good hope.  Bro: Moore, who is now at Singapore, will probably move services to the neighbourhood of Patua, a more populous part of this country. - Bro: Robinson has been up into Bootan, but does not yet see his way clear to go into that country to reside.  He has therefore fixed on a spot between Singapore and Bootan, from which he can have access to that country, and obtain the necessary means of acquiring the Bootan language - After the present rainy season is over. we intend sending one of our American brothers into China.  We have finished printing the New Testament in the language of the country.

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     Bro: Cary has lately had a dangerous fever, but God in mercy has raised him up again.  He has lately finished the translation of the Bible, into the Bengalee language.-
     We have not heard from Bro: Morrison lately.  Bro: [indecipherable] meets with continued success at Madras.  Bro: Taylor continues at Poonah. - It is now a long time since we heard anything relative to the missionaries at Ceylon.
     The liberty we now enjoy in our labours in the praise of Christ is, upon the whole, more than we have ever enjoyed.  Oh that God may give us grace to improve the heavenly [hole in paper] .-
     Present our most affectionate remembrance to all the dear brethren in New South Wales. - We often think of you, and pray for you; and wish not but that you do the same supporting us.-

                                                 We are,
                                                            Dear Brother,
                                                  Your very affectionate brethren 
                                                                                    W. Carey
                                                                                     J Masterson
                                                                                     W. Ward
                                                                                     J. Reeve

PS,-  With this we have sent you a few speciments of the books which we have printed.


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