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Jul 22
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Parramatta 5th Augst  1808
My Dear Brethren
       Per favor Captain Faulkoner Ship Perseverence belonging to Campbell & Coy-you will receive from Mr Campbell's Warehouse 2 Bolts- of Canvase - 10 lbs Twine One Chest of 
Hyson Tea - 2 Bags of Rice-5 Bags of Sugar-2 Casks of .Flour . 1 Bag of Coffee, and one cask of Earthenware also articles Bought in Sydney & sent by the same conveyance 29½ yards of Printed Cotton-4 Shawls one Piece of Blue & Whit Buglapore- 27 yards of Demety-12 Pieces of Nankeens 3 Boxes of fine Thread 3 Pair of fine Woman Stockings-6 yds [...] - Eight Basons-1 Butter - one Sugar Tub. one dozn  Cups & Saucers & one Tea Pot, all of which I hope you will receive safe and find usefull - I have also=


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