[MS 202]

soon we are with you - I  pack the Chilo hat and any other thing you must deduct out - for my two God daughters as I intend them for a present too them - My this Ship arrive a Mr & Mrs Hosking which I hope will suit as they are appointed for the Orphan School - the are both pious people & I hear excellent characters a Clergyman was also ready to embark, and their thing on board when it pleased God to visit his Wife with severe Illness - and she died last Friday - it is a very awful as well as afflicting ... as he has Four Children the Eldest eight and the youngest weaned in consequence of his Mother Illness - it appears at present to a darksighted mortals a distressing circumstance but God

[MS 203]

has no doubt some wise aids to answer by it - I was sorry to hear of Mrs Shelley loss. Remember me kindly to her - I can enter into all her feels - it is wound which God alone can hal these trials are sent us for our good - tho they are hard to bear - I wrote to Mrs Crook and sent them with a few trifles by poor Mrs Cooper [?} left Hull, but I am afraid she will  [?} them by this conveyance as his things [?] to be taken out of the ship - and as it is a small parcel i think it is with Mrs Cooper's effects - remember me affectionately to them - and tell her I have taken her sister address as I will call on her before I leave England - I have been often at Mr Burder's and like them much. Give my kind love to Mrs Hassall and a kiss to the children. Elizabeth and Ann are both well at Beverly - Mary is a very fat fine Girl.


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