[MS 66]

that altho ? & others who was at Tonga by Rapid? upon us ? to go to namarka ? boasting how plentifull ? above at that place which we afterwards found to be all false but there ever the Captain Declined their invitaions & as soon as a Brig showing up we made the best of our way to Tongataboo and on a the 11th fast anchor of habour before the ship ? several natives came on Board GLad at our arrival believing it to be the ? ship they now gave me such ? as I little expected that all of his Relations had beat off Lohallalla & obliged him to return to the Neaerby islands but however this victory has not been got without great Bloodshed.
   It seems the war began a little after we left the Island a ? of Vahys went and killed some of Lohallal's firneds the ? Party now took up arms and ? skirmishes  both ? which the ? ? vitors trove the Shaggie ? to their own part of the Country and killed vast numbers of them. the number ust have been Great as there were heaps of them nearly as dying as the will of the ? and alerted me to go to them but i declined the offer. The European's account of them is that fifteen hundred or two thousand are dying upon ? place one upon another at a place and fo  besides what have fallen the differnt path of the ? of him as ? heart of ? a had taken place .. his price toghger to fight and to retaliate the murder done by Vahy killed som of M...was ...a s soon as the ... that ... also .. to came immediately began to write a kind of a .. at them by .. .. coconut trees  and other wood and cutting them into certain lengths which ...them for the Grounad close together around a Good Piece of Ground sufficient to hold them all leaving gaps at certain distances by this means they made it almost impregnable to the Enemy They had not  long before Fa... came with all his .. him as for .. the .. return to their .  . . there but no decisive . ... and that numbers kills. .. all his ... party ..took of the ... and to a .. after from .. who he .. his l.. and also all masters of the Island. fading

[MS 67]

that he could not subdue them made a truce with them & returned to the Narly Islands this place it is to be found ... but of that continuence as altho informed me he expected them ? to return & ? van will  ? ? the chiefs killed  tthis time ? & f  ? toghether with  had landed the  ? not a hog or a dog was left alive the country great ? and ? natives to a starving condition  I know ? days they have ? scarely are yams were purchased. . The . of the LOard has been felt among them ... great likewise a disease of the ? kind that raged among  about the same time and sewpet ... in our absence we found that three Europeans had been killed by the naives the first was Davis who is lief hgave reached the spear from the natives also .. it to go to Port Jackson  .. the next was on RObert apelby who was master of schooner bound for china to port jackson but was unfortunately cast away upon a reff of ... .. Tonga islands .. of ... long ... cpat whil at china which he was . to the .Duff heard that he had left people at the friendly islands who .. to tonga which with great difficulty he accomplished i will .. Bradly the second made is one of the . .left theisladn to sail port jackson the hardships they endured were great both  . to . and . they came to Tonga  ... the depositions and others they .. that of thy .. .. and got t.. long after got to at. hand to them gave .. our old .. Radly set to work a smithing but the natives began to oppose that they were to .. disease determined to kill them and as they .. made chief of Mafanga .. the .. hand had it awathing the opportunty when the affairs  went by himself at some distance from .. killed him Radly was found through the .. of the ... of their captaion but he fled or .. would have killed them. .. that they ll .about 6 days before we got them .. september by order of his High .. at .. chief vengeance is mine i will repay it syeth the Lord.


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