Parramatta 8th September 1808 [?]
                                      New South Wales.

Honor [Honour] and Sir,
Your known Philanthropy and unbound humanity  I am persuaded will pardon the liberty I take in troubling your Honour with the following pages.  The pure intention of which is to lay before you in a concise manner [words crossed out] the state of the Colony as well as the cause & effects of the Revolution, in this colony  - as a further [?]
I have been long known to the Christian world and later upon your Honor to my Easley connection with the London Missionary Society which connection the  -  Honorary Secretary to that Society.  The Revd. [?] Bursley of London can well inform you with whom I have been acquainted for nearly 20 years  -  with respect to my character in this colony where I have resided for upward of Ten years I can refer you to His Excellency Govr. King and the Revd. Saml. Marsden which gentleman are now in England and who has left me Agent [?] to their very extensive concerns in N.S.W. and knowing that the Revd. Samul.[Samuel] Marsden had the honor [honour] to correspond  of yours correspondence, and being persuaded that was he on the spot in person he would think it his indispensible duty to send you a narrative of things relative to this colony [?].  I am emboldened as his agent to do the same in the best manner.  I am able aiming more at truth as from either grandeuse [?] of expression or desire [?]

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