[indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] 1808 -
Dear Sir
           I have been expecting to hear from you for some time past, but we have had no arrivals since the Sydney - by which [indecipherable]  I received duplicates [indecipherable]  your [indecipherable] of stock [indecipherable] - I am longer detained here than I wished, or expected. It is uncertain yet when we shall embark. I do not wish to come in a [indecipherable]  visit I hope if I can avoid it, as they are awful [?] times unpleasant, and dangerous. I have some idea of returning in the [indecipherable]  should she arrive in time, and be in a state for so long a voyage -  Mrs Wilson will be looking for her in a short time - I shall be glad to hear from you once more  previous to our departure. by the 

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