London 24th Septn 1804

Dear Brother,
                     We have safely received your letter of the 10´ March 1804 - addressed to Mr Hardcastle - and we thank you for the intelligence it conveys to us regarding both the concerns of Religion of N.S. Wales, and the state of our friends at Otoheite. We trust and believe that God has placed you at Paramatta, for advantageous & important purposes, and we pray that your devotedness to the Cause of God may continue and increase, and that your success in every work of faith & labor of love may be very gratifying and abundant.
The [scenes?] which you witness in the Colony must be very interesting and sometimes very distressing. From its nature and character iniquity most dreadfully abounds, and the soul of a good man must be intensely grieved at the ungodly conversation and conduct of those who surround him. We believe dear Brother that you have felt these  affecting impressions - and that all the holy [indecipherable] of your soul have been [indecipherable], in [compassion?] for nil.
*******able and punishing sinners, and for the honour of your God & Saviour. With these [****lings], and this devotedness, we trust you have engaged in the very [ indecipherable].  [****ry] & highly  important work of preaching the Gospel of the Grace of God to the convicts, and of instructing their children in the way of Salvation. No views & [motives?] of an inferior nature are applicable to this object nor would they promise any [indecipherable] in your endeavours to attain it. Incidental [indecipherable]

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