96[b] [top LH]
You know before now that we have [been] to teach the natives
I feared that I should not have learnt the language but I [prayed] for it and now an enabled to preach to the heathens tis said to their eddification
Brethren pray for us. that the mind of the Lord may have free course run and be Gloryfyed.
If you labour in the Lords vinyard may he bless you [in] your work.
my love to those that know and love the saviour.
my love to Brother [Harris?] 
I and others [would] be glad to see him here and you also and any others that may do more good then harm.
Sir through the letters that was sent from Port Jackson to England we are obliged to live with any help mates
I never thought that women were unsafe here and [[indecipherable ould?] no be afraid to leave one amoung the natives and go to other Islands and return and find her in safety.
I [indecipherable ould?] thank you for a letter
I conclude wishing you every [thing] that is good for you
my love to you all
[indecipherable signature
February 7th 1803



[at rightangles beside]
Mr Hassel
Parramatta New South Wales
[Recd] 24th May 1803

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