Series 01: Rowland Hassall, papers, 1797-1820, 1860

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Provenance Note

Microfilm copy available at CY 6, frames 1-180 (A 859) and CY 7, frames 1-388 (A 860). Photocopy available at CY A 859-CY A 860 on open access in the Mitchell Library Reading Room. Digitised from the microfilm copy in 2019.

Provenance Note

A 860 was bound by Corbett Binder, City Chambers, 243 Pitt Street, Sydney. D.S. Mitchell bookplate inside front cover of A 860.

Background Note

CONTENTS: VOLUME 1 Papers of Rowland Hassall, 1797-1810 (A 859, Microfilm: CY 6, frames 1-180) Papers of Rowland Hassall, being mainly manuscript letters received and including some copies of letters sent. Papers include: Letters received (9) from the London Missionary Society, 1797-1810, signatories include Joseph Hardcastle, Thomas Haweis, John Eyre, George Burder and Matthew Wilks. The letters reflect the object of the Society, 'to spread the knowledge of Christ among heathen and other unenlightened nations'. When Rowland Hassall and a group of missionaries fled Tahiti for Port Jackson in 1798 the Society despatched a letter, September 1799, reflecting their shock and disappointment. After their initial disapproval the Society encouraged the missionaries to preach to the convicts and colonists and to attempt to convert the 'heathens'. The correspondence reflects Rowland Hassall's relationship with the Society. He remained loyal to the Society and provided hospitality and support for missionaries passing through Port Jackson. There are copies of letters sent (3) by Rowland Hassall to the Society reporting on his activities, 1808-1810. Letters received from missionaries, 1801-1810, including William Smith, John Davies, William Henry, William Shelley, Henry Bicknell, and Henry Nott. There are also letters received from William Carey and other missionaries of the Society based at Serampore [West Bengal, India]. Rowland Hassall retained contact with the missionaries in Tahiti and supplied them with goods from his store at Parramatta. The mission station at Serampore sent news of their work when ships came through India on their way to Port Jackson. Letters received from family and friends in England, 1800-1804. Correspondents include Reverend George Burder (4) who sent news of the local parish, West Congregational Church, Coventry, and of his family. Burder was also a signatory to some of the London Missionary Society letters after his move to London in 1803 and appointment as Secretary of the Society. There are also letters sent by family members and friends in England giving family and local news. Letters received from Samuel and Elizabeth Marsden, 1806-1810, mainly written when Samuel Marsden was in England. Rowland Hassall acted as agent, and managed Marsden's interests while the Marsdens were in England. Samuel Marsden's letters (8) discuss the management of his affairs and his efforts to recruit chaplains for the colony. Elizabeth Marsden's letters (2) contain Marsden family news. VOLUME 2 Papers of Rowland Hassall, 1811-1820, 1860 (A 860, Microfilm: CY 7, frames 1-388) Papers, being mainly letters received by Rowland Hassall and including some copies of letters sent and miscellaneous papers. Papers include: Letters received (36) from missionaries at Tahiti, 1811-1820, including Henry Nott, John Davies, William Pascoe Crook, Henry Bicknell, James Hayward, William Henry, William Ellis, Charles Barff, John Orsmond, and Lancelot Threlkeld; there are two letters from William Carey at Serampore, India; and a copy of a translation of a letter sent by King Pomare II to the missionaries discussing his conversion to Christianity. Letters received (22) from Thomas Hassall, 1815-1820. Thomas Hassall departed for England in 1817 and his letters give details of his voyage, his contact with family and friends in England, his time at Lampeter College, Lampeter, Wales, studying for ordination; there are also copies of three letters sent to Thomas Hassall by Rowland Hassall. Letter received, 1813, by Elizabeth Hassall from Mrs Nott at Tahiti, and a copy of a letter sent to Mrs Nott, 1813, by Elizabeth Hassall. Paper 'Minutes of Proceedings of Monthly Meeting of Teachers belonging to the Parramatta & Branch Sunday Schools, Monday 14th April, 1817', signed by Samuel Otoo Hassall; manuscript and typescript copies of the last will and testament of Rowland Hassall, 1820; a letter sent to 'Mrs Chrystie and all the other sisters on board the Canada' by Matthew Wilks, n.d.; anecdotes concerning Sunday Schools in Parramatta probably written by Thomas Hassall, 1818; and two letters received by Thomas Hassall, 1860.

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