of profit,  I must confess that I wish to have the honor [honour] of importing true information for the benefit of the community at large  - 
As you are no doubt in possession of all matters relative to the Colony prior to the departure of The Revd. S Marsden, it will suffice to observe that His Excellency Govr. Bligh took the reigns of the goverment [government] with the greatest disadvantage owing to the dreadfull [dreadful] flood which took place [words crossed out] before his arrival through which calamity numbers of industerous [industrious] families was brought to know the want of a morsel of bread and their circumstances was so embarrassed that they expected nothing but immediate ruin at which period the [bountifull]? part of this colony took the advantage and sold their spirits and other property at an enormous Price and what with the distress  -  the despairing mind the settlers was tempted still to run further in debt and was on the very brink of distruction [destruction] as most of the unhappy  -  squatters [?]that compose this colony know of no other resource than desperate moves [?] to  -  bury themselves out of Trouble they was taken in the [?]
In order to redress these calammities, [calamities] and prevent them in future, His Excellency Governor Bligh issued public orders against the Barter of Spirits which when inforced and not sit pleasantly upon the shoulders of those who had inriched [enriched?] themselves through this

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