pg 548

[indecipherable] 24 th August 1861

My dear Macarthur,
the circumstances [that?] [indecipherable] in your [note?] of yesterday are, if I remember right, I [absolutely?] the same  as I learned from you at our last personal meeting - You are completely correct regards to ot the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable]; and I can only [apprise?] you of my [handicaps?] to communicate by the next [mail?] with my brothers - no doubt, to a certain [indecipherable] my Brothers may be influenced by any opinion I may offer them; but a [question?] which by you and me may [seem?] the  [implicit?] of accomplishments, is in [indecipherable] and perhaps but [importantly/improperly?], a very serious [conversation?] - [we?] see how making our [preperations?] for going to England; and [please?] [Lord?] I [shall?] [hope?] [before?] very long to see my Brothers, I can [indecipherable] July and [indecipherable] on the I [indecipherable] [indecipherable] with [indecipherable] [out?] the [subject?]; had [any?] answer to what I may now write


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