forth to show that is with in a higher degree
than love. Your letters to the other individuals
of the family circle are always perused
by me with an avidity that end in ashes.
Your smile & sometimes perhaps a laugh
escapes me and I say to myself if I had
written to dear Edward. I might have had a
longer letter than this to display". But
lots misleading ink the good resolution not
followed I have near yet had the courage 
to hope a better to you. Perhaps when I hear
that you are at home once more I may
be in more constant correspondence
after all dear Edward I think be a very
stupid one. The mere rainy day are scenes
of this place cannot possibly Be interest 
you and is for home details. Event. (eventually)
if the stupid monotonous life we lead
renew fine for this horrors. I certainly
may for this  I read your letters fine.

(lines across)

Philip reached Rio in safety & fine thus his letter 
was favourited. One letter to James with hate
for this W. Bowman and also many in love
inhibiting also


Current Status: 
Partially transcribed