had met the Mearos in London 

& that they were both so strikingly handsome [indecipherable]

sail the [indecipherable] [indecipherable], that nearly 

[indecipherable] [indecipherable] & coiled [indecipherable] then as 

they moved about - Pathe 

[indecipherable] ‘is’ now directed 

& [indecipherable] their [indecipherable] in re- 

[indecipherable] [indecipherable] shape I [indecipherable] 

story of the Earl L[indecipherable] questions

that all asked [indecipherable] stood the 

family, & of course [indecipherable] 

little as possible stood there 

I find now that people have 

always been a little shy  

of them, seen in the [indecipherable]

is here Mr N. C. has a large 

Estate, & of course [indecipherable] [indecipherable] 

is [indecipherable] & have his [indecipherable] 

free Inspection Confirmed. 

[indecipherable] [indecipherable] & find that 

There [indecipherable] missed the 

mail I [indecipherable] & [indecipherable]  [indecipherable] 

this littleo 3, but there 

[indecipherable] &[indecipherable]  of [indecipherable] 

[indecipherable] long - there are so many 

[indecipherable]  that I get puzzled with 

Current Status: 
Partially transcribed