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Italy and Switzerland - so interesting - so captivating to a [indecipherable] unsophisticated Australian! and often, often do I wish that some kind Fairy would give one the power of transporting myself to the place of your abode that I too might have a share of the enjoyments you describe with so much animation.  I suppose also then I [indecipherable] and you have had many long conversations on this and he has told you how he [indecipherable] selected [indecipherable] from home account of the state of the family here but it has [indecipherable] become therefore [indecipherable] him left us, so that you may imagine how much it has altered, him [indecipherable] made one of [indecipherable] little writen. [We?] wish no where - & of your old acquaintances I can [indecipherable] being little [accord/account?].  Mr. Balcombe & Mr. [indecipherable] accompanied by Capt. [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] of daughters (five or 6 in number)

[cross hatching] [indecipherable] of  [indecipherable] sister

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