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that I know nothing of their young ladies and
I believe he had once before exchanged
more than a bow and a  how [dydo?] because
when I was staying with Mary [Parsons?] in
her confinement [Mr /Mrs?] Macleay called and
invited me to a ball given at their own home in
celebration of Mr Macleays birth day. Mary's [illness?]
for she was then keeping her bed afforded me
an excellent excuse yet Still I could not
escape in any other way, than by promising 
to spend a day with them -  accordingly in the
following week Mrs M and one of daughters
called for me at an early hour in the morn.
& I passed a very agreeable day with the
family. Quid en famille. Mr Macleay showed
me into his sanctum Sanctorum the library
and exhibited all his scientific [books?] of
which he has a care and valuable collections
the [interest?] with which his Daughters and [indecipherable]
Mrs Macleay appeared enter into his pursuits
and the readings they all displayed in [indecipherable]

[Crossed Lines:]
[indecipherable] account of my God children soon. 
Mary's three darlings are all well. Edward is
with us and I am happy to say he is at last 
making some progress in reading - I often wish
I could place him before you.  Show dearest
Edward [a line?]. I will not say any thing of the
other members of the family circle for they have
all written for themselves but only beg of you
to accept my most affectionate love & to [believe? / relieve?] me.
Your faithfully attached sister

Emmeline E. MacArthur
You will not I am sure attribute my [silence?] on a
[indecipherable] that is [indecipherable] friends was all [indecipherable] [affecting?] but
rather ascribe it to its true cause - a desire not to
[awaken?] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] [indecipherable] such vain regrets in Grace -


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