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pain is a [indecipherable] for months ago but Mr. [indecipherable] little girl hearing the hooping cough [indecipherable] did not think it [indecipherable] for her [indecipherable] myself [indecipherable] chance of catching it and therefore I had not the pleasure of having any of the party [indecipherable] I have not had any communication since [indecipherable] from Mr. Belcombe he has no [indecipherable] that his fair thoughts has been obliged to confine himself to the house a little more. He is not [indecipherable] I like the opinion of the medical man so that he [indecipherable] here perfectly [indecipherable] his health.  The [indecipherable] need [indecipherable] my attention here lately but my Father [indecipherable] during the stay at home I do think [indecipherable] joining any parties, I therefore can [indecipherable] confined to that writing last [indecipherable]. We have Mrs [indecipherable] frequently and she is a friend

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