alteration in them at present but I hear at
me and I learnt to divert my musics from the
all absorbing subject of our poor Father's
illness, and to hope that  miserable as our
situation now is there may yet be
happy days in store for us. You which
rejoice to hear that amidst the anxiety
and sorrow of the last twelve months our
dear Mother has preserved her health
wonderfully will, and Elizabeth also. James
has I think been the greatest sufferer but he
has been exposed to so many harassing 
scenes that I am not surprised at his health
going by under the arduous tasks that he
has been undertaken. But to start from this
moment I am pleased with the beautiful
collection of music you sent me some
time since. The little Joay of "We met" is
particularly suited to my taste and the others
are also pretty and sweet. I have how a Lady

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