to practice with me twice a week a pupil 
of Macconnell's and so good a performer on
the Piano Forte that I am in great hopes of
improving myself very much before
the end of the year . My man Brothers
are both so fond of hearing me play
that I have an additional motive besides
my own love of music for wishing to play
well. And I generally contrive to strain
from three to four hours a day to the Piano.
Thank you also dearest Schwarel for the pretty
coloured musics. I apon  you nothing on
have been non acceptable to us. And I am 
hearing one of them today. By the way I am
quite shocked at the amount of Maines and
him. but I hope you wish believe that the
articles enumerated in my lists are not
at for my in rue dual axe! These should
have been alive known between my order
and the articles intended for those of the
family which were omitted in this & JM.s

Current Status: 
Ready for review