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16th,  Drove over to [indecipherable] House the residence of Mrs. Neill where we dined & slept.  There was a large party at dinner to meet us, & two families besides ourselves remained there for the night. Walked in the garden with Mrs. Neill before dinner - the flowers here in full beauty.  Mrs. Neill is a charming old lady 73 years of age - very conversational & possessing a superior mind, enlarged & refined by an intimate acquaintance with the best Society, as well as with the best literature, ancient & modern, her eyesight is perfect, & she leads family prayers without spectacles.
17th. Pleasant breakfast party - after this meal Mrs. Neill drove me with a pr. of ponies to [indecipherable] where Col. & Mrs. Edmonstone are living - Returned to lunch, after wh. the other visitors to [indecipherable] departed, & we went home.
18th.  Invited to dine & spend the night 

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