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precipitated into it.  Bruce's [indecipherable] a two headed ponderous [indecipherable] much too heavy for any of our party to lift, is shown there, and in one of the caves, the sides are surrounded by small catacombs Cat is the solid back, as receptacles for books.  This place is called "Bruces Library".  A romantic path leads thro' the Estate by the banks of the Esk to [indecipherable].  Here are the celebrated ruins of [indecipherable] Castle, wh we viewed with great interest.  The Chapel is surprisingly beautiful and exceeds in its exquisitively decorated gothic roof & columns anything we had before seen.  Many legends were told us by the guide of  [indecipherable] bold. as he pointed to their sculptured [indecipherable] which thrilled us with a strange feeling of [indecipherable]. Beneath the Chapel lie the Barons of [indecipherable] all of which till the time of James 7th bore 

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