Wednesday July 25th 1829

My beloved Brother,

I find that I have yet time to
address a few hurried lines to you and [atho']
I had previously determined not to write,  by
this opportunity yet now I have learned that
the vessel is to be detained another day I
cannot any longer delay to thank you for
your last affectionate note and the
packet of beautiful paper which accompanied 
it. You must not be surprised at my
apparent lack of attention in not addressing
you more frequently nor imagine that it
proceeds from any diminution of affection.
believe dearest Edward while [atho'] my love
for you may not be frequently displayed in
words as in long day occurrences of life
if only towards an opportunity of being called

[crossed lines]
favourite with us [all?]. I think her a very amiable little woman and that I’m hurting to put a question
to us. The faming our movements can quit such and
disease at heart of lover and remembrances. Your
….. like my little fud wrights

favourite with us all. I think her a very amiable
little woman had to be in [indecipherable - writing?] a great aquisition
was - -  

The fancy new   [indecipherable] [paid?] [back?] a
[chance?] to be [lords?] of loans & [incumbrances?] - You
[reach?] to  [indecipherable] like my little [fund?] [hereafter?]
Mr [Miller?] as you see her & [fishing?] afresh the [indecipherable] -

[wishes?] to be the [friend/finest?]​) of the family - Mr Key is now [buying?] [both/with?]
[indecipherable] with neice & [indecipherable] [indecipherable] the decd. a [letter?]
from her husband - he was [indecipherable] expect to be seen
[before?] Dec of 1830 - We in a great disaffection [before?]
Mr Kay to be seen in [hardy?] expectation of Philips
[arrival?] -  She [indecipherable] exposed to much [indecipherable] & hardship
and [indecipherable] [indecipherable] time he had any two midshipmen than
Ghaan & G. Thilass  to [indecipherable] behind him in [indecipherable] his own
ship - The 2nd Captain (Masters) [did/died?] that a lighter for


Current Status: 
Partially transcribed