Any volume he inquired for to illustrate the
shapes on which he was speaking, gave me great
pleasure and I thought I had more beheld
a more pleasing future of domestic happiness.
I have not  had any communication with the
sisters lately further than an anecdotical note
for such is the state of one Sisters' health,  on
another spirit that he cannot trust of any
acquaintance out of our own immaculate
         I have read with great delight the
former notes you so kindly put up for our
announcement and you say truly dearest Edward
that we have collected more from them than
could have been said in a quire of paper
and indeed they bring you and your pursuits
before us some more forcibly than your
own dear letters. I intended to write to the d
archdeacon & to Miss Parker Dougall / from whom
I have received several very affectionate letters 
by this opportunity, best I fear likely not

[lines across]

            I must this  to Sydney by the running coach
in the hope that it may yet be in time for after
Melbourne. I was prevented from finishing it yesterday
by a sudden tho' slight indisposition which her guest
left me tuesday.


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