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Whitfield near Haydon Bridge
Northumberland 1 Jan 44

My Dear James,

A few days ago I recd. some NSW papers by the handwriting of the address I knew to be from you - They contained an account of the proceedings on the Election & the speeches addresses on all sides - As by this time the first session is over & long before you receive this another will be abt. to be called it is not worth while entering into any long winded remarks; but I cannot help saying it is quite worthy of the Electors rejecting you & taking such a man as Lawson - the oldest oldest [indecipherable] I suppose!!  

I was not aware that an Act had passed giving you a Legislative Council for which I a sure you are not yet ripe - However it is done & I can only add I am glad I am out of the scrapes -

You will I am sure learn with

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