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I also learn from tolerable authority that the [indecipherable] Mr. Fr. has all along [indecipherable] on his power of all [indecipherable] what is & is not [indecipherable] & indeed all his delusions of importance which  [indecipherable] have been referrd [indecipherable] have been reversed & he will receive by the new Govnr such a dose as he will not like - It wd. be a good opportunity for Bowman & McAllister to send home their statement for compensation in the verdict of Broadbean's case; especially Keith's evidence as to Carter's  recovery [?] for the account he gave as one of the [indecipherable] & [indecipherable] Bowman's that Stephens did not know [indecipherable] Broadbean's receipt as a [indecipherable] of the Govt. but above all, the conviction was under the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable] who was directed to attend the Bench by the Attny. General & therefore was their legal adviser.

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