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the question, but then they have no freed men all free men - when a civil court is established I fear the population is too few to prevent private feelings & partial verdicts - It may however be averted by judicious measures for a time. [Indecipherable] all events I am clear; if the place is well governed & if our vile Govt at home would act honest & open, it w.d be a most valuable Colony to Eng.d -  especially in a Commercial point of view - I however think that pending [indecipherable] Merinos is the only source of wealth little as that  may be.

If James has returned & brought, as Mr Peel [?] S.d it was  his intention a better half, present my respects to her & sincerest regards for him & their happiness - I shall be most anxious to hear from some if not all of you - From Jas & you all the Politics & farming [indecipherable] your father the Council - how you liked Capt. Montague & how you like my successor who I hear is going on to  [indecipherable] a prosperous & doing so much more than I did or could - By the way the last quarterly but one indecipherable] that little in the school way has been done there but every thing might be expected from Cap.t Parry - how that is I dont know

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