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age may see a different & a better system & more nearly approaching perfection.  Depend upon it the human mind is now taking a fresh start as it did after the discovery of printing & in this country in particular after the Reformation.  As it was then it is now so full & so overgorged with knowledge that time is requisite for digesting it.  The knowledge now defused is too much for the human mind to grasp & it will only be when that overflow has ceased that as at the cessation of miracles reflection will bring to maturity what has been foretold - jurisprudence & political economy will thence be well understood & put in practice; & as Australia was able to receive from the mother country the will probably by receiving it as it were thro' a cultured got the pure metal & leave the dross to those who like it.  Reports whatever they may be can only be of a momentary affection (or inspection) for these I foretell will remain with the dross.  The confused mass of ignorance, wickedness & contradictory decisions, made without reason, in our present code of jurisprudence, infinitely worse than it was in the Roman empire before the time of Justinian will melt away & a fairer system will rise up; & the petty conflicts & jarring interests of a few 

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