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appear within the postum & I hope you will feel Sed revocare hedeom hoc opus hic labor est [latin translation "Head back to work, but this work is"].  Therefore take this as my first & last invite!  - But now having dealt in general I proceed to particulars

I shall be extremely delighted to hear of the complete success of your father's vineyard, first because it will supply wine for all his toil & trouble, secondly it will benefit the colony & lastly because I feel a little vain at having recommended the spot he has commenced on - But he shd be careful as to the sort of vine he plants there - the Burgundy grape flourishes in a rich loam, the Champagne in chalk & the Gráve on gravel - if I recollect right his cuttings were from the South of France (Languedoc) a country precisely similar to the whise[?] rock of Camden - & in some parts the loam under it or striped with it wd suit the Olive - I never much relished his attachment to the Swiss mode of cultivation & the grape - they have but one decent wine & that is about Neufchatel- a rich soil & wide open to the South - it is red - there is a little & but a little good white about Vevey. I was there in Septr & cut excellent grapes but never one from a vineyard - only some choice from a garden, whereas for a sous in Languedoc I got a most

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