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[In pencil at top of page "To John Macarthur Junior ?]

Murry tuck out (Vide Australian Vocab:) I much fear my old friend Chevalier at Paris is either ill or dead for I have not received from him any answer to any letter abt the cultivation of vines & olives in France.  However in that department their national character of varium et mutabile [latin translation "variable and changeable"] is not so conspicuous for I believe they do as they did "in tempo antico" [italian translation "in ancient times"] as the Italians say; & you will find plenty about both in the bible Roziér's Dictionnaire del Agriculture which I recollect reading when I was in France 20 years ago - It is as all french works are voluminous enough & may not be worth purchasing but you can get those articles copied - his directions I think wd suit that Country best - better than our writers who of course know how to raise grapes in a hot house or on a wall only -  But beware of any Italian author or directions, nothing can be worse than their method or their wine.  I believe Horace's [indecipherable] was all my size. 

The lime Stone is a grand acquisition on every account & I shall be glad to hear of its great purity; of that, of turning[?] day for manure & a more expeditious way of converting their land into what they call artificial that is European grapes.  I shall 

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