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Absolutely demanded required that the sheep should be withdrawn from Mr. Hawdon's management.  I am not competent to offer any opinion upon the value of the respective improvements for which you have  allowed  Mr. Hawdon to charge the estate [indecipherable of ] the hurdles  [indecipherable] are I think too highly priced  - (we pay 1/3 each) [indecipherable] but my [indecipherable] his offer to a mere trifle in compensation.

You allude to an offer of Macarthers. I have spoken to him on the subject & conceive that perhaps there may be some misunderstanding on the subject about it on your part.  He says he is not inclined to make any offer in [indecipherable] of the fine flock.  When I saw you previous  to your visit to Argyle  I ascertained that I thought it possible that  Mr.[indecipherable] might be inclined to purchase the fine flock.  I said this because I knew he had been much

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