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the day of Election, riding on a horse unattended by any friends & only a goodly crowd of [indecipherable] about him.  I was in fear of losing the  coach here or I wd have shaken him by the hand.  He wants all the [indecipherable] Parliament, Whitehall and the Strand to [indecipherable] Govt. in this [indecipherable] without the slightest [indecipherable] being opposed to him - You know his character - I have no doubt that both this & his becoming a candidate originated in a bet [?] wh. you know he cannot resist - Tory as he is or whether he will make a good Senator [?] there is not in the [indecipherable] a more [indecipherable] resolute & [indecipherable] the greater the danger wh. I have witnessed the more steady & decided is his conduct - I cannot but honour & respect nay even revere the man, tho' I hate his Tory principles.

I have been looking at a pile of N.S.W. newspapers up to Augt. 1840 in wh. I see you figure [indecipherable] in the Council & my [indecipherable]   I think both 

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