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[Page 197]

Bromley Common & [indecipherable]

My Dear James,

Not having been under this roof since I came up on 3rd to write you & your delightful wife & having plenty of leisure I cannot better employ it than bringing myself to the recollection of you all tho" I am vain to think that amongst a family in which I passed so many, I may say the only, happy days whilst in the Colony, I am not entirely forgotten & of course you hear [indecipherable] details of all within these walls; I can only add that all are in most excellent health, as amicable & as delightful as ever - old Mrs. H. better than I have [indecipherable] her for years, Mrs Geo looking as beautiful & possessing the same lovely disposition & enjoying the affections of her [indecipherable] healthy cherubs & of a doting & devoted husband, who I am happy to say looks younger by many years & enjoys better health than I have known him to possess long time past - being again in the present contest of elections for his friend [indecipherable] - He went to [indecipherable] 

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