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Lord B's reply to Lord Wharncliffe has cast him to atoms & I trust Lord Gray will as completely demolish that hypocrite Phillpotts.

In our present state, you will not get either the attention the subject requires, or the state of the law either [indecipherable] or even declared.  Where commissions have sat & reported on the necessity of  a change at home, composed of men who if they have a bias it is against the reform yet such is the stubborn villainy of party, that in the Lords all hope has vanished & tho' perhaps not immediate I see but one event to cure it - Give my kindest regards to your father & Mother your sisters & [indecipherable] to Bowman & his wife & little ones & to Anna & dear Hannibal & their fine little tribe
Yrs very affectionately
T H Scott

James Macathur Esq
New South Wales

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