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From July 1833 to 1835 £18.13.4 per year
Forever after - 13.11.4 do.

The property consists of various allotments 2 or 3 of which were purchased from the Grantor for, I think, about £150. including a small cottage.  Mr. Scott used to reckon that with fencing & interest at 10 per cent [indecipherable] money he had laid out, it had cost him about £300. when he left the Colony. I therefore made Mr. Orr a offer of it for this sum, he [indecipherable] to pay all the arrears of Quit Ret whenever claimed by Govt.  I did so because it appeared to me its full value & because he having paid £30. per annum for it during nearly 3 years Mr. Scott had received £10 per cent for his outlay.  The quit Rent due on 30 June next is about £80.
I have made the proposal to Mr Orr subject to your concurrence and he has accepted it.  One half of the money

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