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attempt whether I would or not-

The only news I know of concerning you is, that Capper of the Home Department told me he had rec.d orders to suspend sending any more Convicts to N.S.W. for it was a Cabinet question whether that Sh.d not be abandoned & that they had been sent elsewhere. This is all I know at present. Gore will see my servant John again who goes out with Mr Robert Scott's family in the Australia; I am very sorry indeed to part with him; but he c.d not live in the North & had no means of keeping him in the South. He will be a valuable servant to any lady -

I have sent by this opportunity a copy of B.p Hobes' Journal to your most excellent mother in return for the copy she gave me & in w.h Emmeline had copied the Bishop's farewell; in return for which I have inscribed on a sheet enclosed in this letter, not a complementary but a very true & unaffected tributory  reply & leave you all to insert it in the first fly leaf or not as you please. I did not put it there lest the vile [indecipherable] Custom House Officers sh.d open & profane it with their idle curiosity - I have also sent a specimen of a new little manufacture & a little collection of my musings in a [indecipherable] - give my very

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