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of the East & as the China trade is to be thrown open, it will no doubt then be of importance -  In a political point of view it must be valuable for an Enemy could have annoyed our Eastern trade considerably, as they did when holding the Isle of France; indeed from [indecipherable]  has been communicated to me I have no doubt that was the real cause of settling it & emigration only a [indecipherable] to Numbay[?] Parl.t. It is too far gone to retract & there will soon grow up too much patronage to bestow to give it up. The French have already tried Sharks bay to the Northward with two large ships but found it so barren 

[cross hatched]

too dry to plant yet - & if rain does not soon come it will be too late to get research land prepared for wheat - altho I think they can always buy it cheaper - There are some Merchants here such as old Kesup & those who take advantage of the wants of others who but cheap shell

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