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to obtain from your flocks, about Twenty of good (perhaps the best as nearly as may be possible which, if I remember right you once said could be spared on [indecipherable].  The increase from these, the improved condition of the sheep - & the produce of this year's wool combined will bring to Mr Scott, as far as I can judge, a better return than can be expected by having a [indecipherable] sale. As far as I am concerned I speak quite disinterestedly.  My connection with it commenced entirely against my [indecipherable] judgement, with deference to his [indecipherable].  The trouble I have had coupled with other matters, was more than I needed; but besides this £800. would not compensate me for the actual money loss I have sustained.  If however by keeping it together for another year, Mr. Scott may be benefitted, as I think he will be, this will be sufft. reason for my doing so.

Dr. Mitchell has recommended

[Cross hatching follows]
my leaving Sydney for a few days to recover my health, and if the overseer (Mr ([indecipherable]) a fifty [indecipherable] for the Rams during my absence will you do me the favor and direct their being delivered to him. 

Yours faithfully,
Charles Cowper.

If before Mr, Scott's landed property in the Colony, can be conveyed, it will be necessary, I believe, to [indecipherable] from England a Power of Attorney authorising some person in the Colony to execute the Conveyance personally [indecipherable] a Deed especially [indecipherable] for this purpose

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