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I have been asked for the points which occur to me as requiring attention.  You can guess what they will be.  I told him the new scheme for selling land would be fatal & that they sh.d not sell an acre.  This he did not agree to.  He says the List rents are not paid up & that people take land without ever having an intention of paying for it, which is true to a certain extent, but wc.h is the fault of the local authorities -

I suppose you were surprized to learn of the change of Ministry as was I.

Dr. Eames is going out shortly & by him I shall send a book to Emmeline.  If I could be angry with her & her sister, I sh.d be so now at not finding a line for me on my arrival. I do not yet know whether with the book I shall scold or not; but tell them by the time an answer can come to this I shall be seated at my own house & ready for some of the bulbs your sister promised as well as some seeds of the accasia abata & the Castanas Spermes Australe I will endeavour to get the sweet willow from Devonshire - the seeds can be put in a cover to Barnard

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