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the present.

I have since my last long scribble turned over the case of your fathers in my mind, & altho' I am now well aware how objectionable such a recommendation would be; & the motives to which it wd be attributed, yet in a public point of view & for the public benefit of this country & the Colony, leaving aside claims or rewards, I should unquestionably recommend that all your fathers' land should be concentrated; and as he has at a great expence[?] at[?] down in the Cow Pastures, the additional land should be adjoining him - If Gov. M. has made grants there, it is one of those inconsistencies so often occurring in his administration & so reprehensible; but the grants you mention are better than to small settlers -  The same reasons which induce me to be of  opinion that your father should have all his land in one spot wd also urge that Cox, or young Pautony[?], or Marsden or any other breeder of pure blood shd  have the same privilege - your father has done more than all the others & received less assistance from Govern.t  & deserves more encouragement; but to keep down the expence of the convicts, rearing sheep for exporting fine

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