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whether he sh.d go to China or to England & quite intent on his scheme for civilizing the Hotentots in the interior. I think too that John or Ja.s w.d have known it & if so w.d have written it to you - B further stated that the letter acknowledged that account that events had induced them to change their opinions on all those matters w.h had their relation to his return - Now this is I fear an acknowledgement too great for them to write even if they thought so; & upon the whole I am much puzzled ab.t it - I w.d I were in England; but I see no nearer prospects of getting there than I had in my last - 

Fresh arrivals from England have brought fresh settlers, some of a good sort; but all I fear running on the wrong scent. tillage & corn w.h certainly they may consume but none can export to advantage - We are now well off for all sorts of provisions except flour & biscuit w.h are scarce articles & very dear the former £ a lb & the latter not to be had- mutton some of the finest I ever tasted is 14.d lb. beef indifferent

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