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and thus carry the question and his [indecipherable] will [idecipherable] it all to [indecipherable] not their integrity for which they [indecipherable] but to line their pockets wh. have been so long empty.  If however he pursues the opposite tack it will be impossible for him to carry on the Govt. with so small a majority as even Billy [indecipherable] (who by the way with Horrid Twist has lost his election) [indecipherable], 8!!  Long before you get this our fates will be decided.  The Speaker I hear is not to be opposed but that may be changed & if not the strength will be [indecipherable] on the address.  A strange change has overtaken the people in some places especially the City & Westmst.  In the former two Tories have been retd. & Wood &  Ld. [indecipherable] by a bare majority in the latter our old [indecipherable] friend [indecipherable] who offered himself at the 11th hour, without [indecipherable] a [indecipherable] or a [indecipherable] canvas or money came in at the of the Poll ousting Evans who richly deserves it for his base conduct in 31 I [indecipherable].  I [indecipherable] ongoing into London

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