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Whitfield 27 Mar 1822

My Dear MacArthur

Your last letter which I aught to have answered before gave me most sincere pleasure both on account of the improved state of your most excellent mother's health & of the continued  prosperity of the affairs at Camden.  Tho' situated now for life amidst snowy mountains / yet I assure you in our valley the scenery is most romantic & the contrast of the wild open moors with the cultivated parts below us highly sublime & beautiful / I have neither forgotten the charms of Australia / for she has many / nor do I cease to take a lively interest in her prosperity, considering that it is a spot where a real patriot might even within the materials of which her population is now composed form and then be Utopia or a "perfect commonwealth" but made up as our Govt' & our Legislature see of corruption, indifference to all interest but parliamentary interest, hypocrisy under the mask of religion, & an affectation of philanthropy carried to an excess of folly, without any other principle but that of expediency for the moment, I despair of seeing in my time any solid good to arise either to this ill-fated nation or her disordered or mangled Colonies. If she weathers another generation you & I in our old

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