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I shd have no scruple in frankly stating to him how widely we differ on the subject of Political Economy & especially in his almost last act of setting at defiance the King's authority by rescinding the Lt. Gov's act for the reason he assigns. I venture to say that in the annals of our Colonial History no regular Gov.r has done such a thing - I cannot think he did it of his own idea.

I am glad to find Sir T. B. [Thomas Brisbane] begins well -  In such a place he cannot act with too much correction & had I been in his place I would have pursued the same course, pledging myself to nothing till I had made myself master of the subject; but disposed to hear everything - knowing as much as I do I w.d have begun at once & on our voyage I drew up a sample sketch of the course I thought a Gov.r should take on his arrival.  With a few slight alterations I now see no cause to alter it; & I found the other day a lucubration written on the passage out on the same subject, differing on the general outline very little from 


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