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p Ton & consume 3 or 4000 Tons annually;  here there will be a good exchange, for the fish is required to be sun dried & very little salted.

The climate is like yours rather hotter in seasons; but the sea & land breezes are constant & steady. It is so near India I have no doubt it will soon become a place of resort for the invalids there  - Now Roe [Surveyor-General] has surveyed off the dangers of Cockburn Sound that will always be a very excellent visited road stead where I have no doubt a town will spring up - as Gage's Roads tell the mouth of the Swan will always be a safe roadstead.

It is not out of the way for ships to touch at going to various ports

[cross hatched]

coming here is I do not know except on speculation - He has brought 1000 people with him but little stock & little provision. The Gillmore is going to Sydney to load for this place & if you'ed send Roe or Capt Stirling any thing in the way of comforts it can be a comfort - Potatoes are a must be now for some time - The weather is 

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