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T.H.Scott. 27 March 1822.

the matter rested with me I should feel hesitation in recommending so large a tract to be taken out of so small a district, for one person; at the same time I am fully aware of the importance of it on public grounds; but remember I do not give a positive opinion as that would require more consideration than I have yet given it, & again be assured that, that doubt has never escaped my lips to any one whatever except to yourself -  In my private feelings I sincerely wish you may get it - If I did know of any arrangements that were to take place, of course I could not relate them; but I really know no more than you do & perhaps not so much. This I think I can mention to assure you that all the aid B.d can render he will; & if after the report is given in & B.d leaves town & W.r should, which he must do, want assistance & reference he wd naturally.refer to B.d who has been so long at it & who knows the affairs of the Coly [Colony] so well & then you have a good chance, if you find any wavering, you must then move heaven & earth with your private interest w.h after all you know I think in these corrupt times, is a thousand times better than these & public claim - I have no doubt you will at last  be in a ring at Camden - of course all this is in confidence - ever your friend T.H.S.

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