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hear even of a hint as to insecurity of land or funds & even Church property but from a few of the wildest Radicals -

Gov.t have a ticklish time of it - if they are honest & do not attempt to cajole & cheat the people (who are very suspicious of them & indeed well they may be, as of all other parties also) the people will support them & the King has given such unequivocal proofs of his sincerity to the people that no one suspects him; the consequence is he is unboundedly popular &  would be killed with kindness rather than hatred, if he appear in the streets -  Whenever he does appear the shouts are enthusiastic & there is a simplicity in his manners that pleases John Bull w.h he has not been accustomed to since old Geo. 3.d  - 

Give my affectionate regards to all your family & Hannibal's - I shall be anxious for letters in reply to these and others - adieu - believe me faithfully yours

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