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so be in abundance & they can return dried fish ( if they will) to Java - Their Export in chief must however be to England of fine wool & I have preached up the necessity of binding all their attention to it especially since Dr Wilsons acc.t has been rec.d & from partial inspection of the Coast & vicinity to within ab.t 100 miles of his termination; the indications are favorable for a conclusion that the [indecipherable] is not different - Since I have been here 2 mot.s not a drop of rain has fallen, yet there is no lack of water or of herbage - the ground fit for tillage is hard & unfit for preparing for seed & this is in favor of any grazing argument - certainly were I inclined to be a settler or recommend one to settle it w.d be to the Southward of this place ab.t Geographe Bay & bring his stock from Sydney w.h he c.d do at ab.t 30/ a head for sheep - Up to the end of 1830 the terms of grants are left in - great measure to the direction of the Lt. Gov.r but after that they are to be changed - to what no one knows - He tells me that if your father had any of idea of wishing to develop export 

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